Well Said

This is a quote from a former professor of mine who now preaches at a Church in Arizona. His name is Mark Moore and this originally appeared on his blog and I thought it was very well said:
At a recent mens retreat I had the privilege of being sharpened by a number of fellas who had true brokenness in their lives: Unfaithful wives, sexual addictions, violence in the home, anger management issues, failing parents, failed ministries. One old friend emailed me just to say thanks for the time we got to share together after years of lost contact. My final sentence to him was this: “From one wounded warrior to another: stand in the grace we have come to cling to, no longer out of theological commitment, but raw necessity.” Look, I’m not OK and neither are you. We serve our king, not because we have earned the right, not because we have lived right, not because it is right, but because we have expended all our other resources and run out of options. As Peter said, “To whom shall we go, you have the words of eternal life.” Lord, all we can offer you is broken lives and wounded hearts, inflamed with the passion of one indiscriminately loved.


Getting Started

I used to be an avid Blogger. When I left my ministry in Iowa over 4 years ago I simply stopped as my life went through different transitions.  As with much of life, time gets away from you and what was going to be a short break ended up a long break.  Well, I am back now and hope to be blogging 4 or 5 days a week.  Thanks for joining me on this journey… again.