There have been a thousand things going on in my life. Here is a quick rundown as a ransom list.

1. Had a great trip for a bear hunt last week. My son and I did not kill a bear but my good friend Bob was able to shoot one while we watched. It was a great experience that I will not soon forget.

2. On Thursday – My wife and I started doing some cleaning work on the side. There are a lot of summer rentals and vacation cabins in the area and this is a great way for us to make some extra cash while having the boys help. Let me know if you know anyone looking for a cleaning person/people.

3. Spent a day prepping for a garage sale and then having the sale on Saturday. It is so cleansing to get rid of stuff. I hope people’s lives were blessed through some of the items as I know we were through the years. I am thankful for the extra cash and now the extra space.

4. Had an enjoyable Father’s Day. Church on Sunday morning followed by a huge steak dinner and topped off with a nap. It was a great day of family, fun and rest.

5. Looking forward to the rest of the summer. The weather here this summer has been incredible so far. I cannot remember a better summer – ever. Thank you Lord.


Father’s Day

I ran across two great Father’s day blog posts.

One is HERE at Ron Edmondson about the Unique Love of a Father

The other is HERE at the Resurgence about simple ways to be a better dad.

I hope you enjoy the articles. I will write more tomorrow.
Happy Father’s Day to all

Going on a Bear Hunt

When I was a boy my P.E. teacher would sing a song with all kinds of activities called “Going on a Bear Hunt.” Do you have any idea what I am talking about? The teacher would say, “I’m going on a bear hunt. I’m not afraid. I have my gun, my binoculars” and so on. Whenever he came to an obstacle he would say “Can’t go around it. Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Gotta go through it.” Then he would say how he had to walk through the mud and you had to make squishy sounds as he walked. We could be led through briers, mud, rivers, and all kinds of treacherous territory to find our bear. The song/story usually ended with an encounter of a bear and you would turn and run back through all of the obstacles making the sounds as you went. It was a fun way to spend a rainy class day near the end of school. Maybe my school was the only one who did this, but it is very much a part of my memory.
I tell you that story because for the next couple of days – I am going on a bear hunt. Here in Alaska there are lots of Black bears and I am heading out with my son and a friend to hunt one. I will be out of the office a couple of days and I will not be blogging and hopefully I will not come home running scared.
I hope to write more later this week and I hope everyone has a great week. Just remember, sometimes in life you “have to go through it!”

If Only I Had …

My wife bought a book, I believe it was at a yard sale, entitled “Notes to Myself.” There was a huge sticky note attached to the front of the book. It has the following written on it:

If Only I Had …
Expressed how much I love my kids
and thanked my husband for being amazing
and took time to enjoy life and ponder
and prayed, conversing with the Almighty
and ignored all my failures
and cursed all my insecurities
and savored every moment I’m alive
and kissed my husband I couldn’t imagine life without …
and it’s not too late

My blog is about second chances in life. Sometimes we need second chances not because of some great failure, but we need them because of the things we have missed or forgotten. Each new day is an opportunity to let go of the failures of the past AND an opportunity to live better today!

Worship Music

It is hard for me to sometimes believe, but I still have conversations about the use of contemporary worship songs as opposed to traditional hymns. Recently in one of those conversations a man told me that much of today’s music sounds like rock music and hymns sound like Church music. I went on to explain something to him that I think is worth repeating.
First, there is no such thing as Christian music. Music may have been written by a Christian and even done to the glory of God, but music itself – is just music. If I played a few chords of a song you could not tell me anything about the song. Only lyrics are Christian. What the lyrics of the song say is the only determining factor to see if the music is Christian or not. Just because a song is written by a Christian and even played in Church does not make it Christian. The difference between Christian and non-Christian music is the content of the lyrics.
Second, when we are picking out songs for our worship time on Sunday morning we need to think in terms of lyrics first. I ask several questions about every week. Does this song communicate a Biblical truth? Does this song say what our congregations needs or wants to say. Does it tie into the time of service – like prayer or communion or opening song? Does this song connect to the other songs in worship? Does this song connect with an overall theme of the day and the sermon? I am most concerned about singing the truth in a way that resonates with the people and glorifies God.
Finally, I put together a song list. I do not ask any questions about the year the song was written. I usually do not ask about the different vocal parts of the songs (I am a preacher and not a singer after all). I put together a song list that works toward a goal of connecting with the people in a way that brings glory to God. It doesn’t matter if the song was written last week or last century. As a result we sing all types of songs all the time.
Worship music needs to be about something bigger than, “Do you like the music?” It needs to connect with heart, soul, mind and God. Maybe it doesn’t do that for you every week. It rarely does for everyone each week. But it usually does with someone. Each week someone walks in our doors and their heart connects with God’s truth and their life is touched by Him. For that, I praise the Lord, not the music.

Second Chances Everywhere

The NBA finals started last night. I love watching basketball and being from Indiana, I think it is in my DNA. I was thinking about basketball while sitting down to write my blog. The first thing that came to mind was a quote from Michael Jordan that used to be shown in a TV commercial. It is the quintessential quote about second chances:

I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot…and missed. And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And, that is why…I succeed.
– Michael Jordan

100 posts

This is my 100th Post.
Several years ago I had a blog for about 5 years. I ended up with well over 500 posts. Then, in my ministry transition to Alaska I stopped doing it. I simply got busy with all of the things that come with a new ministry. I kept saying I was going to do it again and finally in 2013 I re-started. Now I am 100 posts into it and enjoying the opportunity to share again.
Thanks for reading!!