Two-Thirds of a Year

Today is September 1st. Eight months of the year 2016 are gone. We only have four months to go. So how is it going? Did you accomplish all your goals yet? Have you accomplished any of your goals yet? Have you even started anything?

All of us know that it is so easy for time to get away from us. “I will do it tomorrow” turns into “I will do it next week” turns into “I will do it next month” and that turns into “I will do it next year.”

Here is today’s dose of reality: This year is not over yet. What one or two things could you still accomplish this year? Don’t allow yourself to coast into Christmas.

I sometimes think that the last three months of the year are the best for Christians. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to use as opportunities to become more loving, more generous, to do more service and as an opportunity to share the love and message of Jesus. The problem is that if you don’t start making plans now, the rest of the year will slip by just like the last 8 months.

I pray that I and a few of you will use this fall and winter to grow in our faith. September first is as good of a time to get started as January first.