I make my living as a preacher.  Every week I have the opportunity to speak in a public setting for God and the people.  It is a job I take very seriously.  I spend hours in study and prayer, thinking through every angle and attack of my arguments.  I plan and prepare until the moment of delivery arrives.

With all that said, I openly admit to the numerous mistakes I have made.   I once said that John Wesley preached a sermon in which a man confronted him after the sermon.  Following that I meant to say,  “he was a general who had seen war in the world.”   What I said instead was, “he was a general who had seen World War 2.”  After the words came out of my mouth I knew I was wrong. Actually I was over a hundred years off.  Another time, I was talking about the Ephesians who worshipped “the Goddess Diana.”   What I said was really that they worshipped “the princess Diana.”  I was a couple thousand years off this time.   One time I referred to the tax document at the end of the year as your WD-40.  I could go on and on.  I never say things that are huge violations in the doctrines of scripture, but sometimes people in illustrations end up a thousand years out-of-place and filing oil instead of tax documents.

All that is to simply declare that I am human.  I make mistakes.  Not only in my life but even in my speaking.  But this is what gets me.  Never do people in movies or on TV make mistakes.  Never.  All their words are polished and their actions graceful, unless of course for comedic purposes.  DVD’s that offer outtakes fascinate me.  Many of them were funnier than the movie.  But why don’t they include those?  Every life in every place has some mistakes, blunders, missteps and slips of the tongue.  Yet they take the privilege of editing those out. I don’t get that privilege.

What if all of life was like that? We had the ability to edit out everything we didn’t like.  Would that make life more interesting or more boring?  I believe part of the joy in life is the mistakes!  One of the greatest signs of the grace of God in our lives is our ability to laugh at the blunders.

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