Edwin Louis Cole

In 1996 I went to a Promise Keepers Rally in Indianapolis Indiana. One of the main speakers at that particular conference was a man named Edwin Louis Cole. Honestly, he was one of my favorite speakers and he said some things that really spoke to my heart at the time. Upon returning home I found out more information about his ministry to men, his books and even signed up for a newsletter. Of all the material I have purchased or read of his I have found a book of quotes by Mr. Cole to be the most inspirational and thought-provoking. Since many people have never heard of this man and teacher I thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes from his booklet “Manhood 101.”

• “Every man has three men to deal with: The man he thinks others see. The man he thinks he is. The man he really is.”
• “All wrong conduct is based on wrong believing”
• “There are times when silence is golden, others when it is just plain yellow.”
• “Crisis doesn’t make the man; it only exposes him for what he already is.”
• “God will not do our part. We cannot do God’s part.”
• “Change is the only constant in maturity.”
• “Change is not change until it is change.”
• “Don’t pray for opportunities.” Pray you’ll be ready when opportunities come.”
• “You are only qualified to lead to the degree you are willing to serve.”
• “Fathers who punish children for doing wrong, when they haven’t first taught them how to do right, are themselves wrong.”
• “We tend to judge others by their actions, ourselves by our intentions.”
• “Our relationships with others are reflections of our relationship with God.”

There are plenty more, but these are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy.

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