I was recently reading an article about the two types of decisions that we make as adults. This article described our decisions with two words: Reflective and Reflexive. Now, I think those are nice words but basically they mean “reactive” and “proactive.”
Many of our decisions are reactive. We ate way to much at a buffet, so we decided we will never go back there again. We drank way to much, so we vow we will never drink again. The basic motivation for this type of decision is guilt and shame. I will never do that again.
The second type of decision is proactive. I don’t want to get into that position so I will make a plan not to end up there. I don’t want to get fat, so I have an exercise plan. I want to know my Bible better so I make a plan to read it everyday.
This article stated that the key to making good decisions is to use both types in every “major” decision. In other words, “Ask yourself where you want to go” and then ask “are my decisions taking me to where I want to go?” If we employ both of those questions preceding a decision it will help us to make better choices.
I am not sure if I believe all of that information, but it helped me to think through the types of decisions I am making. Maybe it will help you too.

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