Bringing People for Easter

Perry Noble, Pastor at Newspring Church in South Carolina, had a great post over on his Blog.

This is worth repeating if you are thinking about inviting anyone to an Easter program at Church. Here it is:

One of the things I’ve ALWAYS loved about our church is that we’ve always responded to the challenge to do whatever it takes to invite people to come to church, even when it means having an uncomfortable conversation.

However, something that has been taught to us throughout this series really hit home last night in the conversation that Clayton and I had with our waitress.

We asked her did she go to church anywhere and she said no.

We then told her that we would love for her to come to NewSpring and she lit up and said, “oh wow, someone else invited me there too!”

Clayton then pointed to me and said, “that’s the pastor.”

She replied, “Oh yeah, I remember you, I came one time about six years ago and you were wearing a T-shirt that said, ‘God is watching you download that porn!”

I laughed and told her that I remember wearing that shirt and asked her did she not come back because the shirt offended her, to which she replied, “oh no, the shirt didn’t bother me at all; in fact, I thought it was funny. The reason I did not come back is that I didn’t have anyone who would come with me.”

I was reminded on the spot that SO MANY PEOPLE in this world feel all alone…and that they would come to church if we really did make the effort to not just INVITE them…but BRING them (just like the guys did in Mark 2:1-12, just like Andrew did for Peter and Phillip did for Nathaniel in John 1:35-51!)

NewSpring, I can promise you that these are going to be the most amazing Easter services we’ve EVER had, and I have NEVER felt the anticipation levels like they are right now!!! However, it is my prayer that we will not just INVITE people, but offer to BRING them. I can promise you it WILL make a huge difference – instead of saying, “Why don’t you visit my church this Sunday” to say, “I would love for you to join me for church and afterwards we could go out and grab a bite.”

I’m pumped, SOOOOOOO pumped…and I know Easter is going to be special!! MAYBE “that person” has told you “no” dozens of times!!! They are worth one more ask!!! And, don’t just INVITE them, BRING THEM.

Let’s do this!!!

2 thoughts on “Bringing People for Easter

  1. As someone who comes to church alone, what this Pastor is saying is very true. I don’t like going to church alone and I grew up in church. Imagine how it must feel to someone who has never set foot in a church before.

  2. As someone who only went to church on special occasions, I know that it is easier to go to church if you know you’ll have a friend there, if you know that someone cares enough to take you there.

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