Holy Saturday

Jesus died on Friday afternoon. The following day was the Sabbath. It was a day of quiet pain and silent questions. We also call it “Holy Saturday” or “Black Saturday.” I heard one preacher recently call it Easter Eve.
On this day several years ago I held a Holy Week Art Show. The Church had gone to see “The Passion of the Christ.” Everyone’s emotions were in high gear and I asked anyone in the congregation who felt artistic to do some form of artwork inspired by the story of Jesus Passion. We rented a small community theater and placed all the artwork inside around the auditorium. There was some beautiful and powerful artwork done by all ages in numerous mediums. It was inspiring on many levels. At 7:00 pm the theater opened and I had refreshments ready for people to enjoy as they focused on the story of Jesus passion shown with art. The plan was to stay open till 9:00 pm or until the crowds decided to go.
Well, 7:00 pm came and 1 family showed. 8:00 pm came and another family showed. 9:00 pm came and that was it. We had over 3 dozens pieces of artwork and only 2 families showed up to see them. I am not kidding. On Sunday I asked people where they were on Saturday. Everyone said the same type of thing. “We got busy.” “We forgot.” “We never thought about it.”
Needless to say, I quit planning anything on Holy Saturday. I have learned that people don’t feel the same emotions they did on the first Easter weekend. Nothing can change that, it is just a fact. The original Holy Saturday was am emotional experience for Jesus followers and for most of us today it is not.
Why do I tell you all of this? Because I would like you to pause for a few minutes and thank God for his finished work in Jesus Christ. We don’t need to feel those emotions because Jesus has already risen and death has lost its sting.
Thank God there will never be another Black Saturday again.

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