Marriage Analogy

I was in a meeting today that was a sort of counseling session for a man who is having marital troubles. I was explaining to him how to get things back on track and an analogy came to me that I have never used before. I told him that having a great marriage is like a football game. (Yeah, surprised me too.) Now I don’t mean that it involves tackling or helmets or million dollar budgets. What I mean and explained to him was simple. In football, like all sports, the goal is to win. In order to win you have to score. In order to score you have to get first downs. In order to get first downs you need to move the ball a little over three yards a play. So – in order to win a football game all you need to do is focus on a three yard gain every play. It’s that simple.
The problem is that all of us want to do nothing for two or three plays and then have one huge play to get the ball in the end-zone. It rarely works. We do not speak to our wife for five days and then take her out on an expensive date. We rarely complement our husbands or show him respect and then we have sex one night. Maybe it gets even bigger and we spend very little time together as a couple and then we take a huge vacation once a year. Or we neglect one another and then do a marriage encounter weekend once a year. I have never seen a couple with a great marriage who did an occasional activity together.
The couples who have great marriages are those who spend time together everyday. They take time to eat together most, if not all, nights. They do little things for each other like say kind words, help cleaning house, touching and thousands of other things. In other words, they are constantly moving the ball three yards.
Now, there will be plays when we get knocked down and lose a yard and we will have to work extra hard on the next play. Also, there will be plays where we gain nine yards and things are better than we imagined. The goal is still the same, keep moving the ball at least a little every play.
Maybe the analogy fits or maybe it doesn’t. Hopefully it will keep you trying to move forward today.

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