The Bible Mini Series

Okay, I know I am behind on this topic. My family has been either sick or very busy the last several weeks. As a result we DVR’d the mini series called The Bible. Finally this week we all had a chance to set down and watch it. We have only watched one episode but we have noticed several things.

1) They are trying to cover way too much material too quickly. The sad result of this truth is that the makers are skipping several very important Bible stories. How could they not say anything about Joseph who takes up 13 chapters in Genesis?

2) The makers are totally disregarding what the Bible actually says. For example, Abraham is going to sacrifice Isaac just a few minutes from his family when the Bible clearly says he traveled for 3 days with donkeys and 2 servants.

3) In an effort to make the Bible come to life, the makers actually made the Bible more unclear and unbelievable. I know this is completely subjective, but my family is still laughing about the Ninja angels in Sodom.

Those are just my initial thoughts about what I have seen. So what am I doing with this mini series? I have been watching it with my family and continually pausing it to ask questions. I am constantly asking “What is missing?” or “What is wrong with what they showed?” or “Why is this story so important to the future stories in the Bible?” The final result is that my family is still learning more of the Bible together although not in the way I thought we would learn.

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