I ran across this little paragraph in my files. I originally heard it on a John Maxwell Injoy life club lesson several years ago. I do not know the real source. He says in the audio file that is was originally in Christianity Today

My counselor has finally forced me to face the fact that I am a failure in my ministry. Permit me to list my evangelical demerits:
“I have never been to the Holy land, neither as a tour guide nor visitor. Every program I have ever started has failed. Our evangelism explosion didn’t explode. It gave an embarrassing pop, rolled over and died. I attended a Church growth seminar and while I was gone six families left the Church. A refugee family we tried to sponsor refused to come. The last I heard they were seeking asylum in a Chinese restaurant in St. Louis. Every time I try Dial-A-Prayer, I get the wrong number. It’s either a funeral home or a chicken carry out place. I tried calling Dial-A-Meditation the other day and the tape broke right after the first sentence which was, “So things aren’t going so well today?” Our Church teams never win any games; baseball, basketball, volleyball, shuffle board, you name it we’ve lost it. The town little league champs challenged us, and won. I am thinking of sharing all of this with our denominational leaders, but they’re never around when I phone. And all their letters addressed to me are addressed “occupants.” I have been told that failure could be the back door to success, but the door seems to be locked and I can’t find a key.”

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