Random Lessons

As I head into summer my mind is filled with all kinds of lessons that I have learned this past spring. I am also reflecting on all the lessons he is currently teach me. Here are just a few of the things God is teaching me:

1. The Power of Relationships – All of our lives are deeply connected to other people. Our lives are affected by our parents, our children, our friends, our teachers and almost everyone we come in contact with. The interesting side note is that very few of us get any instruction on how to relate to other people. The people who teach us how to live in relationships are teaching us the greatest lessons in our life.

2. My Greatest Ministry May Take Place in My Own Family – I have often dreamed of leading numerous people into a saving relationship with Jesus. I have dreamed of leading a large Church. I have dreamed of the American definition of success for a minister. Lately, I realize those dreams will probably never come true for me. Now I am beginning to see the unlimited potential in my children. If I can influence their lives and teach them the truth about God then my life is not a waste. It will have an impact far beyond anything else I can do. If I only have four true converts in my life, that is great, if they are my children.

3. All Long Term Relationships Are Hard Work – Everyone understands that having a long and loving marriage is hard work, but I am seeing that it is true in any relationship…even with other Church people.

Those are just a sampling. Maybe I will post more this week. What lesson is God teaching you?

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