Going on a Bear Hunt

When I was a boy my P.E. teacher would sing a song with all kinds of activities called “Going on a Bear Hunt.” Do you have any idea what I am talking about? The teacher would say, “I’m going on a bear hunt. I’m not afraid. I have my gun, my binoculars” and so on. Whenever he came to an obstacle he would say “Can’t go around it. Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Gotta go through it.” Then he would say how he had to walk through the mud and you had to make squishy sounds as he walked. We could be led through briers, mud, rivers, and all kinds of treacherous territory to find our bear. The song/story usually ended with an encounter of a bear and you would turn and run back through all of the obstacles making the sounds as you went. It was a fun way to spend a rainy class day near the end of school. Maybe my school was the only one who did this, but it is very much a part of my memory.
I tell you that story because for the next couple of days – I am going on a bear hunt. Here in Alaska there are lots of Black bears and I am heading out with my son and a friend to hunt one. I will be out of the office a couple of days and I will not be blogging and hopefully I will not come home running scared.
I hope to write more later this week and I hope everyone has a great week. Just remember, sometimes in life you “have to go through it!”

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