Accepting Blame

One the biggest issues with my children is getting them to accept blame for their mistakes. Whenever they do something wrong they immediately want to blame it on one of their brothers. Those of you with children will certainly understand what I am saying.
I will look out my window and see one of my boys push another one of my boys. I will go out to find out what is going on and then the excuses begin. He called me a name. He pushed me first. He was making fun of me. And on and on.
Lately, it seems the first step in every argument is to get each person to accept responsibility for their actions.
I find that this is not only true with children, but it is more present and true with adults. We want to blame our spouse, our parents, our boss, our neighbors and everyone else for our actions.
I firmly believe that the first step to getting a second chance is for us to accept responsibility for our actions. To stand up and say, “I have failed.” To admit that we were 100% wrong in this situation.
You see, once I accept responsibility then I can experience forgiveness and be set free from guilt. Once I own up to my actions, I can let other people be set free from my anger and frustration. In accepting blame and responsibility we pave the road to have a second chance. Until then, we are captive to our own lies.
Once, one of my children (who will remain nameless) came into Michelle and I’s bedroom after bedtime. He was weeping bitterly and wanted to talk. He openly admitted a sin that he had committed. He was heartbroken and felt like he had let us down. He did not blame anyone else but simply admitted his guilt.
As a result, Michelle and I hugged him and kissed him and told him to never do it again. He felt better and we felt loved and respected. The situation could not have ended better even in an ugly time.
So today I say to you, go ahead – confess your sins and feel the power of freedom.
Admit it. You did it. And you can be forgiven. Praise God.

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