Six Word Memoirs

This past Sunday I finished an 8 week sermon series entitled “Six Word Memoirs.” I thought the series went great. Several people willing shared their six word memoir and I listed them in the program yesterday. Here is what the members of Homer Christian Church had to write:

Did my best with no regrets
Tried his best, forgive the rest
Incredibly blessed, powerfully partnered, amazing adventure
Accepted in Christ, opportunity in life
Come on, it will be fun
Ripe old age, satisfied with life
Love life, Love Jesus, Love work
Never Fails, the Lord will provide
One of God’s beloved, blood-bought children
Christ’s love for me for eternity
Be a decent respected Godly man
Bring joy to other people’s lives
I Struggled in Family & God
Lived for joy: Jesus, others, yourself
Grace received is grace to give
Bless the Lord, Oh my soul
Continually learning to live for God
Lots of failures, but always grace
Never should have opened my mouth
I should’ve tried a little harder
Why did I even say that?
Should have listened to my parents

Thanks for everyone who wrote these – including my 4 boys who wrote the last four 🙂

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