Parents and Grandchildren

We have spent a large amount of time with my wife and I’s parents this summer. That has me thinking about grandparents and grandchildren his week. Yesterday I shared how to be a good grandparent. Today I want to share “How to be a good grandchild” but I know that no little kids read my blog. This blog post might be better titled “How to help your children appreciate their grandparents.”

1. Show physical affection. Grandparents love hugs and kisses from little boys and girls.

2. Say “I love you.” Grandparents and parents both want to hear those words regularly from their children – no matter how old.

3. Listen to their stories. Mom and dad may have heard the stories a thousand times, but your children may not have heard them. Let them tell those stories to a new audience of young people.

4. Ask them questions. Almost all older adults have volumes of knowledge, yet they feel no one cares. You ask them how to do something and they will draw out vast amounts of information. It will help you and it will make them feel utilized.

5. Let them have a break. I know grandparents love their grandchildren, but let them take a little nap without comment. Let their ears and bodies rest and they will feel better in the time you get together.

6. Parents need to step out of the way. Leave the grandparents alone with the kids so that they can spoil them. *Warning, only do this in limited amounts or you may experience and adverse reaction 🙂

I remind my kids all the time that they are not the center of the universe. I do not need to jump and do everything they want. They may not want to spend much time with their grandparents, but with a little coaching it can be a wonderful time for everyone!

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