Summer Lesson #2

I am writing about all of the things I have noticed this summer.

Summer Lesson #2 – Do your job well, no matter what you do.

While my parents were here Michelle and I had the chance to take a day away by ourselves. We took the day and drove up to Kenai and Soldotna for a day of shopping and sightseeing. When we arrived in Kenai we decided to stop at the Pizza Hut because they had a buffet. The place only had a few other tables and most of it was self-serve, but there was one waitress. She was a larger lady who worked here way from table to table trying to be helpful. When she came to our table we were very pleasantly surprised. She was happy without being giddy and was helpful without being pushy. She cleared our plates, she refilled our drinks and she smiled the whole time.

Now, I do not usually tip a waitress at a buffet since I serve myself, but I left her a tip. In a summer where I have received lousy service, my wife has been insulted and my family has been shocked at the way they were treated at times this lady came as a wonderful surprise. I am sure she doesn’t receive much pay to do what she does, but she does it in a way that is a blessing to all.

I wonder how much better place the world would be if we all just did our jobs well and without complaining. She sure made my lunch much better and maybe your life could make someone else’s day better too.


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