Summer Lesson #4

Continuing in my series –

Summer Lesson #4 – “There are a lot of great, well-intentioned people in the world”

It is easy to remember that one bad person who you had that one bad experience with. It is easy to see the bad in people everywhere you turn. But I have started seeing so much good in people lately. I have had people volunteer to take me fishing, I have had people help my family, I have had so many people do so many things for me and my family.

But this is not just about me. I have watched people do an act of service for another member of the church. I have seen grown men donate loads of time to teach kids a game they love. I have watched kids help one another with a difficult situation. About everywhere you look there is someone doing something good, kind and selfless. Too often these types of events get lost behind the daily headlines of pain, evil and selfishness.

So here is my simple challenge for myself and for you. Take the time today and notice those who are doing good things in our world. Make a list (physically or mentally) of all the ways people are giving of themselves to others and making this world a better place. And while you are at it, try and get on someone else’s list yourself.

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