Biggest Lesson of Summer

I have now lived in Alaska for 5 summers and each summer I am have noticed something happening to me. The first summer I was in awe of the mountains, the glaciers and the ocean that are outside my widow everyday. I stopped to see every moose and watch every eagle. With each passing summer I have noticed myself stopping less and noticing less and feeling less of a sense of awe at my surroundings. The beauty of my area has grown very commonplace for me.

The flip side of this is seen every summer. I encounter people who have literally traveled from all over the world to visit this place. They come with wide-eyed wonder at everything. People are seen stopping and taking pictures everywhere. I often slow down to see what they are gawking at usually to find it is a common thing for me, like a moose with calves walking behind her. Every summer I have to remind myself that I am blessed to lived in a place that most people pay thousands of dollars to visit for one week.

All that is for me to say that I learn and relearn this same lesson every year – Appreciate your World.

God has blessed me tremendously to live in Alaska. I see things everyday that other people only dream about. I have opportunities to do things regularly that other people see as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Here is what I would bet on – no matter where you live – you are surrounded by wonderful and beautiful things and you just take them for granted. Everyday we need to stop and look around and be amazed at the wonders of this world and the beauty all around us.

For Example; Last night on the car ride home after football practice my boys were talking about how they missed seeing squirrels. We only have little bitty squirrels you rarely see up here and they miss big old red squirrels of Indiana and Iowa. I told them I miss seeing deer and raccoon and turkeys. You may think that is crazy, but those are rare sites for Alaskans just as moose, eagles and bears are to you.

So take time today, this summer, this year to enjoy and appreciate the world around you. You are truly blessed.


One thought on “Biggest Lesson of Summer

  1. Matt, We had six deer in the early morning of our front yard a few weeks ago. I wish I would have seen that but at 3:00 in the morning I’m not up but neighbor was letting his dog out. Yes we do take things for granted everyday instead of enjoying the beauty God has given us.

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