Familiar Assumptions

This week I have been blogging about familiarity. We can become so familiar with our world that we stop noticing its beauty. Also, we can become so familiar with the work of God that we take his work for granted. As I was thinking about being very familiar with items, I realized there was an assumption I have about people who are very familiar with an area of life. I assume that a person who is very familiar with an area of life will have mastered it in their own world.

This idea came to me while sitting in a doctor’s office. My boys had to have their sports physical and last Saturday there was an open time at the clinic for all teens to come. They had stations set-up and kept us moving along until I reached a place to sit and wait for my boys to have their private screenings. While I was sitting there I began to notice the nurses. Now I know this is not polite to say, but several were obese. One I would classify as morbidly obese. In fact, I could only find one healthy looking nurse of the dozen that were working. That reminded me of a lady I knew in Iowa who was a life-long nurse who smoked. She eventually died of lung cancer, and I always thought that she should have known better. Those heavy-set ladies should have known the health problems that their weight was causing. They should have made changes and improved their lives because they see the negative side effects everyday in the people who come into the doctor’s office. I would even assume that in nursing school there is a section on obesity and its health related problems, and yet it didn’t stop them from becoming this way.

I hope this doesn’t sound judgmental. I am writing this as an overweight person myself. This scene just reminded me of my assumption that because someone is very familiar with information doesn’t mean it will all be reflected in their life.

Now for the Christian tie in – Just because someone is familiar with God, his word and even his work does not mean they have figured it all out in their life. There is an assumption in our world that if you are a Christian, especially a Christian leader, then your life will reflect all that you know. That is simply not true.

I, personally, have dozens of struggles in my life. I am not going to detail those here, but know that it is true. In fact, the other I told a man that every time I begin to conquer another area of my life for God that I immediately get filled with pride. Then I remember that pride is a sin and I realize I have another area to work on.

Please remember this, I am a minister of God’s grace because I am first a recipient of God’s grace. Just because I know about God doesn’t mean my life is perfect. Christian leaders need second chances just like everyone else.


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