Keeping a Preacher

Many years ago I heard a camp directory tell this. He said there was a huge amount of minister turnover in his area. Some Churches were getting new preachers every other year, some every 4 years and some every 7 years. Still there were a handful of other congregations where the preachers never seemed to leave. They stayed for numerous years and often retired from them.
This camp director was perplexed by the different tenures of preachers and wanted to know why. First, he went to the group of preachers who were leaving their Churches and asked why they were leaving. He said that the answers were all over the place. Some preachers were leaving for bigger Churches, some to be close to family, and still others had a list of various answers. He tried for well over a year to figure out any common trait in the preachers leaving. Nothing seemed to connect their different stories.
Then one night it hit him. He was approaching this from the wrong direction. He decided to go the preachers that had stayed a long time in congregations and ask why they had stayed. The camp director said that without a doubt there was one common tie with every preacher and every congregation. Everyone one of the preachers who had stayed a long time in a Church said, in one way or another, that they stayed because of the congregational love and support.
Now, that old camp director travels from Church to Church and he said that in every congregation he shares this simple truth; if you want to keep your preacher, then show them the love and support!
It sounds so simple.

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