What this preacher hopes his people know.

I have been reflecting on my role as a preacher this week. After I have written a post then I begin thinking about other aspects of my job that I want people to know. Today I have been thinking about what people have said about me and what I would really like them to know.

Here is my current list of things I hope people know about me and my role as preacher.

1. I love God, BUT … I am not perfect. I am a Christian first and then a preacher. Like all Christians I make mistakes and sin. I am a flawed human and I will say things and do things that disappoint you.

2. I know a lot of the Bible, BUT … I do not know everything. I read the Bible and I read books about faith everyday. I have done this for over 23 years (since I entered Bible college). There is still a great deal to learn. I try my best to know it all, but I either haven’t learned some topics yet or I have forgotten what I learned as I got older.

3. I love people, BUT … I am not an expert in relationships. I struggle to get along with people. My wife says this is my biggest struggle in ministry. That is true partly because of my control issues. I cannot control other people’s actions and I like to be in control. Relationships take a great deal of work for me.

4. I love my family, BUT … my family is not without struggles. I have a great wife and kids but our relationships are not perfect. Michelle and I have struggled and continue to struggle just like all marriages. My kids are usually great in public, but at home they can drive me crazy.

5. I love the Church, BUT … I get tired of it. With Church gatherings – when they are great there is nothing better in this world. On the flip side, when they are bad there can be nothing worse. As a result some weeks and some events sap all of my energy. Somedays I just want to have a one family homestead in the mountains.

Those are just some of my thoughts today. Through the years numerous people have found out one of these truths and they are disappointed with me or with my family. It has been a hard reality for us. I hope you understand that all preachers are ordinary humans trying to live in relationship with God. As a result, we have struggles. When we don’t admit that then we probably struggle with pride … or denial.

I am glad we are all saved by Grace in Jesus and have a second chance everyday.

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