More Lessons from Youth Football

Once my mind started thinking about this topic I have had several additional thoughts. These are just simple Christian lessons I am learning from youth football. So continuing from yesterday…

6. There is a difference between experiencing pain and being hurt – I recently had a conversation with a couple of my coaches and they were telling me how many of their kids were hurt and then we got into an interesting conversation about pain. One coach commented that if you play football you are going to hurt after a game. But then he added there is a difference between hurting and being injured. If you are injured you need to see a doctor, and if you are hurt you need an ibuprofen and toughen up. Unfortunately, there are a large group of kids that want to set on the sidelines the moment they experience any pain when they are not really injured. Some kids just need to get back out there and learn to play with a little pain.

*Christian application – Life is hard. A life of faith may be harder. There will be pain and disappointment that are encountered throughout this life and sometimes we just have to hang on and endure it. The Church is full of people who want to set on the sidelines because something went wrong one time and they had a difficult experience. We need more people to get out there and keep playing.

7. Dads are invaluable in a young boys life. This is just a generic observation. Every year I notice which children have their dad’s support in football and which ones do not. The season is usually a lot more difficult for those with no support from dad. I also notice those kids without support looking to the coaches and their peers for some male role model.

Christian application – Where are you dad? Your kids need you to a vital part of their lives.

8. Volunteers are vital everywhere. I have noticed through the years that for anything good to happen in the world someone has to give up their time to make it happen. This is true in school, sports and Church. Youth football is just like every other area though in the fact that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. We need more volunteers to make the world a better place for our children.

Christian application – Where do you give your time? Do you give it to activities that really matter? Do you give it to activities that may not benefit you in any way? The world is a better place (more like the kingdom of God) when people donate their time to worthwhile causes.

That is it for today. Perhaps I will write more tomorrow. Until then, thanks to all of the dads who volunteer to do anything in this world, I know it is not always easy.


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