Always Learning

The past couple weeks have been a blur. I have been working at the Church building trying to write sermons and lessons like normal, but every moment after has been filled. We have helped “Feed the Kids” in our local community, I have visited a few people in the hospital, I have been visiting several people from Church over lunch and I have crammed in the last few weeks of youth football with my family.

I am not complaining about being busy, it just means I have to re-prioritize my life for that period of time to get everything accomplished. For me this is a process that is always a learning experience. For example, I love watching professional football and especially my beloved Packers. But lately, the games are watched after being DVR’d and then I watch them while fast-forwarding through every break and sometimes on a constant “forward 1” speed. Then if the score gets too lopsided I just shut it off and check for the final score. Lately I have all but given up professional football in order to do things for God, my Church and my family.

My point is this: We often have to give up something we enjoy so that we can do something better

I know a pastor friend who refuses to do anything on Facebook because it takes too much time. I know of numerous people who have given up TV so that they can be outdoors for their activity, plus spend more time with family. I know another guy who refuses to read Blogs because he wants to read deeper theological books instead. Anyone who achieves anything in life for God has to give up something they might enjoy. Every great and Godly family is the result of saying “no” more than “yes.”

So what have you given up lately for the sake of something better?


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