Final Chapter

Last night we had the final practice of our Pop Warner football season. This Sunday we have the final two games. This has been a difficult and trying season. This is also my final season as President of the local organization. So I am closing the final chapter on my season and my leadership. This has me reflecting on endings.

Endings are wonderful for the people completing their job. Let no one kid you about this. It might be tough to end something, but there is always an amazing sense of relief. I am so glad my responsibilities are over and my life can head in a new direction. There is great joy when things are at an end.

Endings are more difficult for the people left behind. There is this sense of uneasiness when someone steps out of a particular role. Who will fill the role they left? Will they do a good job? Will I be happy with this replacement? I know that there is a group who will never notice the difference in another person leaving, but some people will feel it.

This idea has me thinking about death and heaven. I have a Church member who is on his final few weeks. Every time I go and visit with him I get this real sense that he is ready for life to be over. He is ready for the suffering to be over. He is ready to move on to heaven. The people who are the most sad about him facing the end are family and friends.

All of that lead me to this thought – When someone we know is leaving (whether they are quitting, moving or even dying) perhaps we should take a less selfish view and celebrate with that person. I know that is easier said than done, but as I finish my time as leader and Charlie finishes his time on earth I think we both would appreciate more joy over the times we have had together.

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