7 Lessons on Evangelism from Matthew 13

Today I began teaching a class on Personal Evangelism at the local Bible Institute – ABI I teach every Thursday in the morning for a couple of hours. So I decided that for the next several weeks I will blog about what I am teaching there in class.

Today I started with introductions and then I dove into what I consider a definitive passage on evangelism. This is the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:3-9 and explanation in 19:18-23. (Go read it!) I have often referred to this as the parable of the soils, but Jesus explains that it is actually a parable about a sower. With that said, here are seven lessons on evangelism from Matthew 13.

1. The owner wants a full harvest. If you are a farmer you want to harvest as much as possible.

2. Someone must do the work of planting for the owner. Who will sow the seed of God?

3. Everyone is one type of soil. Can this ever change?

4. We are to spread the seed everywhere This farmer throws his seed in some unlikely places. It is as if he is not sure which soil will produce a harvest.

5. Not everyone will respond positively I hate this, but 25% are hard soil.

6. Not all people who respond will mature. I hate this more. 50% of the people who come to the Lord are shallow or will let life crowd out their faith.

7. A few will be very productive. I love this. One life can touch so many.

I believe that within this one parable and its explanation we have all the basics for understanding for sharing our faith. There are some tough truths but also some unbelievable results.


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