Random Stuff

Years ago when I started blogging every Monday I would have a post entitled “Mind Dump” and I would list all the random things going on in my head and in my life. Well, today is a Monday where I have a lot on my mind so I am going to list a lot of random stuff.

1. My son took a field trip last week. I joined them for part of the trip. As I stand back and watch everything I realized how much of a control freak I am at times. I get frustrated when things are poorly run.

2. I spent two hours of my life helping kids build “cookie cutter” bird feeders. Funny part, I think they were all thrown away the next day – or at least just thrown outside and never taken home. Two hours of my life I will never get back

3. I listed to everyone talking while I was on this field trip. I realized there are phrases I have never used and never plan on it. “Take a chill pill” from the mouth of a 40-year-old lacks something.

4. Dakota and I watched a hit and run Friday night. One of the most interesting moments of the last few weeks while I watched a guy hit the back corner of another car and then speed off. Two other cars went in pursuit and we saw the police finally catch the guy. Still was an almost unbelievable event.

5. Youth football season is over. I am 99% finished with everything. What a relief.

6. My boys and I have finally passed the $100 mark in our metal detector finds. $102.60 as of this moment. That is just in coins. People lose a lot of money everywhere.

7. I will never understand some people. I am reminded of this at least once a week.

8. Preaching a sermon – even a pretty good sermon – to a group of people who are tired is tough. Some weeks are just like rolling a boulder up hill.

9. I treasure every moment with my family. They are my shelter from the world.

10. The Packers won again. Always makes me happy.


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