Close to Life

I was printing up a group of papers and when I had finished my Dell printer placed on the screen; “Black Cartridge is Close to Life.” It is a simple warning that lets me know the black toner is about to run out.
As the words ran across the screen I immediately thought, “Wouldn’t life be great if we all had a warning signal like that one in us.” We each knew when our final days were approaching. We didn’t have the exact number of days given to us. We just knew that the end is incredibly near.
I think that if we had something like that we would live differently, think differently, love differently and treat each day differently than we do right now. If we had just a simple warning signal we could say what we know needs said, we could forgive the people who need forgiveness and we could love without worrying about the future.
I guess since we do not have a feature like that built into us, we will just have to treat each day as if our time was about to run out.


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