Final Effort

By now you have probably seen the final play of the Iron Bowl played between #1 Alabama and #4 Auburn. I know you have if you watch any football or sports. Alabama tried to kick a field goal with 1 second left and the Auburn player caught it and ran the length of the field for a touchdown, giving Auburn the win with no time left on the clock.
I am sure thousands of words will be written about that play and millions more will be said about it, but let me add my one thought to the mix. I am simply impressed by how one final effort changed the game. Auburn had nothing to lose, at worst they were going to overtime, but the team made one final push. One man ran and everyone blocked their way to glory.
I know of another blog that has made every week “No quit Monday.” As a pastor, many of us want to quit on Monday – either from a lousy Sunday experience with people or with the sermon or we want to quit from exhaustion from another week down and only a week till we do it all again.
In my life I have realized that everyone needs those “no quit days” on their calendar. A lot of people live with these thoughts; “When I make it through this holiday I am going to give up on my marriage.” “When I make it through this event, I am going to give up on this Church.” “When I make it through this year, then I am going to give up on …” You fill int he blank
So let me encourage you today to never give up. That one final effort may be the one that changes everything.


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