Pure Evil

Lately I have been having evil thoughts. No, not like that, I mean I have been thinking about the devil. The way I understand it, the Bible calls the enemy of God and all things Godly by a couple of names. He is called “Satan” which means “Adversary” since he is against God. He is called the “Devil” which means “slanderer.” Finally he is referred to in other descriptive terms such as “Deceiver” or “Tempter.” There are other names or descriptions but these are the ones that have caught my attention.

You see, I believe one of the biggest reasons we do not offer a second chance to others or the reason we do not accept a second chance is because of the work of the “Evil One.” His job is to work against the plan of God by spreading lies about us. He usually only needs to whisper it in our ear. He slanders the work of God in our lives by saying that we are not good enough for his grace or that we shame him with every new sin. He lies about our relationship with God and tempts us into thinking we are not loved.

Not only does Satan tempt us into doing evil, but he lies to us to keep us wrapped up in its dirty aftermath. Shame, guilt and depression fill our mind instead of the truth of God’s love, grace and mercy. Then once that has taken root we begin to view other people the same way. If I am that dirty and evil then they must be too. The end result is that we withhold grace from ourselves and we taken others captive by withholding grace from them.

As I see it, one of the biggest tasks of a Christian is not to listen to the lies, the deception and the slander that is whispered in our ears by the evil one. To close our minds to evil and open our minds to the truth of God.

Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more. Remember that and don’t let anyone deceive you about it.

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