Lesson from College Basketball Championship

Tonight is the men’s college basketball NCAA division one championship between the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Connecticut Huskies. It is the end of the season of basketball we often called “March Madness.” I am not really excited about either of the teams but I think there is a valuable lesson for all of us in this game. That lesson is found in the fact that one team is a #8 seed and the other is a #7 seed.

Neither of these teams were considered the best team going into the tournament. Actually neither one of them were considered the second best … or third … or fourth .. or … In fact, several years ago it is very possible that neither team would have even made the tournament.

That reminds me that other people’s opinion of me is not necessarily reality. Just because others place no value on me, does not mean that I have no value. My season may have started rough with a few set-backs but that doesn’t mean you can’t finish well.

No matter who wins tonight’s game both teams remind me to never count anyone out. You may be a champion getting ready to make your run.


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