The Fading of Easter

Today I raise my voice and shout out something that has bothered me for years and years. I hate that the resurrection of Jesus is largely forgotten the day after we celebrate Easter. I hate that the Church stops talking about Jesus’ resurrection until Easter season next year.

Today I have looked at about 50 blog posts so far. The only mention of Easter by any of them was to address how Churches should follow-up with guests that came on Easter Sunday. Most of them are off writing about the next big thing. In fact, several emails came to my inbox today about how my Church can plan or I can preach on Mother’s Day. Easter quickly fades into yesterday and we will talk about it again this time next year. Hope to see you then.

I have tried for years to fight against this type of thinking. I didn’t this year (This year Easter was in the middle of a sermon series on Jesus), but in many previous years I have started a sermon series on Easter. I have preached on “Resurrection Living” and included the topic of resurrection events, friends, meals and hopes. I have preached a series called “Open” and I talked about an open tomb that in turn will open hearts and minds. I have preached on “Resurrection Power” and “The Transformation of the Resurrection.” Usually I preach a two to four week sermon series about the resurrection of Jesus because I want to make it the center of our understanding of Jesus and the Church.

Think about it Biblically. When Jesus resurrected, the disciples did not know about it till late Sunday evening. (I wonder if they slept that night) Thomas will not believe it for another week! It took forty days for Jesus to show himself and to teach before he ascended. Now, we celebrate for an hour or two on Sunday morning before we head off to a family gathering with ham or some other type of pork product.

So today I just want to raise my voice and say, “Don’t let the Resurrection of Jesus fade with the season.” Keep it in the front of your thinking as a believer. It validates the cross, it affirms Jesus’ message, it demonstrates the power of God, it gives us a living hope and it is the defining event of Christianity. Don’t forget. Don’t ever forget.

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