More Than Meets The Eye

Recently I have had two experiences with movies that have me thinking about context.

First – I recommended a movie that I really like to a couple. They watched it and did not enjoy it. I knew he would not be crazy about it, but she surprised me. As she explained her dislike of the movie I realized it had more to do with her training and occupational background than the story line.

Second – A movie was recommended to my wife and I. Last night we watched it. It was okay in my eyes. Then I thought about the guy who recommended it. It touched on a part of his life journey that I did not have in common with him or the movie.

This experience has me thinking about what I enjoy in life. Maybe the movies and books that I enjoy say far more about me than I would like to admit. I am attracted to stories that touch my life experience.

So I was thinking last night:

1. What do your entertainment choices say about you?

2. What could I learn about other people from the entertainment they choose?

Just some food for thought.

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