The Journey Home

Next week I am flying down to spend a week with my parents in Indiana. They have lived in the same house all of my life. I haven’t been to their house in over 2 years and I have not seen them in almost a year. Even though I am now 42 years old I am still excited about going home.

Coincidentally this Sunday I am preaching on Jesus return. Last week’s sermon and this weeks both focus on the hope of eternity that we will see after death or when Jesus returns – whichever comes first. So today I am reflecting on this journey to my hometown but also to my eternal home.

There are several reasons I am excited about going to either of my homes – the one in Indiana or the one beyond the blue.

1. I am excited to see what my parents have done with the place. They are always making little improvements and buying new things. I love to see what home looks like.

2. I am excited to see my family. I have an older brother and sister that I have not seen in over 2 years. It will be nice to have a family reunion with loved ones.

3. I am excited because it will be a break from my work. I am spending the week just enjoying life. No pressure, no stress, and no clock to punch.

4. I am excited to “feel” like I am home. I have now lived in 4 states and numerous houses. In some ways they have felt like home and in other ways they have not. My father’s house satisfies something in my soul that no place else can.

There are other reasons I love going home, but these times remind me of the journey I am making in life to my eternal home. I am so excited to see home both now and forever.

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