My Influences

Monday was my father’s birthday and next Monday is my Mother’s birthday too. They are both 79 years old and still very much a part of my life. While traveling I was thinking about them and all the influences that have shaped my life. There are books you read, sermons you hear, and people you encounter that leave and indelible mark on your life. So – I started to list some of the biggest influences in my life of faith.

– My Parents, Fred and Janet Harris
– My youth sponsor, Dan Booth
– Sunday School Teacher, Virginia Vannice
– Church elder, Barry Bowyer

– Mark Scott
– JK Jones
– Mark Moore
– George Faull
– Robert Lowery (Whom God has now called home)

– Dr. Fred Craddock
– Will Willimon
– Andy Stanley
– The above mentioned professors

There are also people whose lives I have learned from as a bad example, but I will not mention those here in order to protect the guilty.

Our lives are a product of all the people and voices we come in contact with. I thank God for sending people into my life to mold and shape me. I thank Him for guiding me to connect to others from a distance.

Occasionally I like to stop and think about all my influences. In some cases, I contact them and thank them for their life and ministry. In every case I thank God for the privileged of learning from these people. I suggest you do the same.


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