While traveling I heard a radio commercial about something I had never heard of before. It is called “Non 24.” I do not know if you have heard the commercial, but the ad caught my attention for some reason. The issue is a sleep disorder where people’s lives get out of rhythm because of their abnormal sleep patterns. The problem is found most among people who are blind. Apparently without the daily routines of light and dark their lives get out of rhythm with the rest of the world and it causes numerous problems.

I had never heard of this problem before and honestly I had never even thought of the possibility of such a thing existing. But living in Alaska I can see how it happens. Where I live, we have 19+ hours of sunlight in the summer. I have literally been outside and mowing my yard after 11:00 pm at night. I know it is worse the farther north you get in the state where they can have 24 hours of sunlight.

What catches my attention about this issue is not just where I live but the overall concept. All of us need something to orient our lives around. If not, we will have problems.

As a Christian pastor I spend my life trying to get people to orient their lives around God first and then their spouse and their children. I am trying to get them to move from a selfish orientation to a Godly one.

The problem I see in other people’s lives is that they have oriented themselves on a failure or problem. They have built the patterns and rhythms of their lives on some dark and ungodly issue that they cannot get over. They have built their lives on abuse, divorce, failure, shame, guilt, dependence, bad self-image and on and on. This ugly issue causes them to see themselves and others through a different lens than God wants them to. They are suffering from “Non-Christian.”

What are you centering your life on? Are you living a life built on truth and grace? If not, you may need to reorient yourself with God’s truth.


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