Transformation is a Part of Life

When I visited my parents a couple of weeks ago I had them drive me around my home town. I grew up in the little town of New Ross and we drove around there. I also had them drive me around the local town of Crawfordsville. That is where we went to Church, where my mother worked and where we usually went shopping. I was back there once a couple of years ago but I really did not look around. It has been around 10 years since I really drove around and looked at the city completely.

One thing was very clear as we drove around – Nothing stayed the same. Nothing! Some of the old building were torn down and new ones replaced them. Other buildings had been left alone and over time they have become run down. What was once the thriving heart of the city is now the quiet, run down side of town. What once was a field is now the hub of shopping and life.

Change is a constant in life. We may want things to stay the same, but it just does not happen. This is a lesson the Church needs to continually be reminded of. Our message is essentially the same, but that is the only constant. Our buildings change, our bulletins change, our songs change, everything changes. If it doesn’t we slowly slip into oblivion until our buildings are torn down to build the new Wal-mart.

Change is happening for the better or for the worse. We get to choose which direction with every decision we make. Choose wisely.


One thought on “Transformation is a Part of Life

  1. Transformation is on of things people seem to be afraid of. We get comfortable in our status quo then transformation seem to be so far out there we refuse to change, then we become as you stated in an earlier blog about change, we become the old building on an old street useful to no one. The only option left is for God to tear us down and build us anew, but we must be willing.

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