Asking the Wrong Worship Question

I am working on a series of posts about my experiences while interviewing with Churches across the country these past few months, but I would like to go ahead and write one today. The reason I write this one first is because it is based off of the number one question I received. That question came in one of two forms, “What are your views on worship?” or “Do you use contemporary or traditional worship?”

Well, first let me say that every Church I interviewed with had an average attendance of under 300. So the first thing that caught me is that many “average” Churches are still fighting the “worship wars” week after week. An average Church to me are Churches under 300 people that have not been started in the last 15 years. Church leaders may want us to think the issues of worship are a thing of the past, but they are very, very real.

The other side thing that catches my attention is heart of these questions. The biggest part of this discussion revolves our likes of dislikes. What do you like? What do I like? What do our younger people like? What our older people like is…

Here is my follow-up question, “When did worship become about us?” When did the measure of a good worship service become the people’s approval? For me the biggest question is “Was God pleased with our worship?”

I mean, is it really the worship of God when I stand smugly happy that we are singing a song that I like? Does it really glorify God when I refuse to sing a song because I do not like the style?

So my response to the question about worship was always the same, “I sing and use music that glorifies God.” That means that sometimes I use a hymn and sometimes I use an older chorus and sometimes I use a new song and sometimes I use a combination of old and new together. I have used children’s songs right along with adult songs. I use everything that people have written down to glorify God. Honestly, I firmly believe that if we try to glorify God in all that we sing then the style of worship becomes irrelevant.

I do not want a worship service that is traditional or contemporary. I want one that is God honoring in every way.

3 thoughts on “Asking the Wrong Worship Question

  1. I have so appreciated your last two post among many others, they are very much God’s timing in my life. Thank you. Many blessings

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