Think Before You Speak

The hardest part of moving to another Church is telling the Church you are currently serving. It can be a gut wrenching time. I love these people. I hate to leave these people. I know they are going to feel mad, hurt, betrayed, unloved and sad.

After having done this a couple of times I have found that after I have announced my resignation that it is good to disappear for a week or so. I take few calls, I work at home and I do not have any meetings.

The reason I do this is simple. It gives people time to think. The people who contact me that first week are often the ones who are feeling the situation very deeply. Give them a week to think and their words sound very different.

But there is a second side to this that is just as simple. You need to speak. There are a few people who withdrawal and never want to speak to me again. At least it seems that way. Honestly that can be the most painful thing.

My advice to any Church whose pastor is moving on is to take a little time and reflect on what this moves means to your pastor. Then drop a note or an email and say what is on your mind. I know I appreciate it. I imagine anyone would.

2 thoughts on “Think Before You Speak

  1. I have to say that I truly enjoy reading your blog. Always makes me stop and think. Thanks for sharing and god bless

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