Personal Perspective

Last night I was watching a movie with my family when my boys started talking about the main character. They talked about how they knew they were not going to die because they were the “main” character. Then they started talking about what they would do if they were the main character. What they would say and where they would go and how they would live.

Suddenly my mind started racing through numerous ideas. I thought about how we are the main character in our own story and we can chose to take any action. Then I thought about the story that happens after the movie. Usually we only see a 2 hour glimpse of the main characters lives and how we never know what happens to them after the cameras stopped.

Finally I landed on this concept. When we hear or read or see a story played out, we always seem to identify with the good main character. We always interject our lives into the story of the superhero or the star. We are always Rocky and never Apollo Creed. We are always Rudy and never the third string quarterback who gets demoted to the practice squad. We are always Spiderman and never the Oscorp employee.

What makes this even more interesting to me is the fact that this happens when we read the Bible too. We always identify with Jesus or with Paul or with one of the disciples. We are never a Pharisee or Judas or one of the people chanting “crucify.”

I wonder how would your Bible reading change if you changed your perspective in the story. What if your life was not seen as the hero of each story but on the opposite side? What if you were a Pharisee who had given your life to keeping the Old Testament instead of the disciple who jumped to follow Jesus? How would the Bible sound to you if you were an outsider to faith? A change in perspective might change the way I apply the story.

Sometimes our Bible reading reveals more about us than we even realize.

One thought on “Personal Perspective

  1. I have been having those same kind of revaluations lately. When I feel myself starting to judge someone’s words or actions I’ve asked God to help me to see them through his eyes. Take a deep breath, say a prayer and try to let god lead me.
    Great story…everyone has a back story. Some good, some bad, but defineatley not mine to judge…hard lessons to learn.

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