Off and Running

I just want to give a quick personal update.

Last Tuesday at roughly 7:00 pm we arrived in Adrian Missouri without incident. The Lord was very good to us and kept us safe and sound the entire trip. That night we unpacked the beds and clothes at the end of the trailer.

On Wed we unpacked everything in the Uhaul. And by Wed evening we were will on our way to setting up a home.

On Thursday we unpacked all day. I returned the Uhaul and felt like the trip was over for the first time. All total we traveled 3930 miles across 5 states and 5 Canadian Provinces.

On Friday we went to the local parade and then unpacked and set up the boys bedrooms. We enjoyed the fireworks on Friday night for the first time in 5 years. There are no 4th of July fireworks in Alaska for fear of forest fires. This was the first time they had ever lit fireworks either.

On Saturday we bought groceries and needed supplies.

Today – I preached my first official sermon at Adrian Christian Church. It was great to feel like my new ministry was starting. Things in Adrian are off and running.

I will return to my normal blog posting tomorrow and hopefully everyday after that on Monday to Friday. I have lots of ideas and reflections after 8 days on the road.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for our safety. Thanks to everyone for their gifts of all types. Finally, thanks be to God for all he has done in our lives the last 3 weeks.

2 thoughts on “Off and Running

  1. Really enjoyed your message this morning and having you in Sunday School class.
    Hope your family gets settled in quickly and loves it here at ACC.
    God bless you on this journey.
    Debbie Hill

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