The Grace of Close Calls

While traveling across Canada on my way from Alaska to Missouri I experienced several “close calls.”

I had a moose run across the road about 4 foot in front of my Uhaul. I drove into total darkness with only one headlight while the pouring rain made it hard to see to drive and yet I made every turn. I fought 40-50 mile per hour cross winds for 12 hours. I drove through flooding with water pouring over the road that was nearly impassable. The two biggest incidents happened in Edmonton. A car pulled in front of me quickly and then slammed on his breaks for a yellow light. It is hard to stop a 26 foot Uhaul that is fully loaded, but I managed to stop with a foot to spare. Then I got into road construction and saw the signs indicating that a lane ahead was closing. Little did I know that all lanes would be closing and everyone would be taking a detour. I slammed on my breaks and watched as no one would let me merge. Finally one Good Samaritan let me across the traffic as I almost ran into the barricades. Miraculously I traveled all that way without a scratch or dent. My family had no accidents and while I was tired upon arrival there was no bodily harm.

With each close call I began thinking of God’s goodness in each situation. I could have had a wreck. I could have missed that turn. I could have hit that guy. Instead I made it through … by the grace of God.

Then I began recounting my life. All those times that things could have gone much worse. Especially those times when my whole world could have quickly unraveled and nothing happened.

I believe that sometimes we experience the grace and goodness of God in big dramatic ways. But maybe sometimes his goodness keeps us from total disaster when we don’t even know it.

After this trip I have come to thank God for “the grace of close calls.” He brought me through some sticky situations without a scratch and for that I am very thankful.


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