It’s Not All Good

I’m still thinking a great deal about relationships. Today’s thought comes from two totally different stories.

The first story is about a man I knew in Alaska. I would ask him how he was doing and he would respond with, “It’s all good.” He never told me he was doing well or having a good day. For him life was “all good.”

The second story is from a worship program years ago. I was visiting a Church to start a Revival series in a town nearby. I knew the minister well, but did not know anyone in the congregation. At the beginning of the worship program the minister asked if there were any prayer requests. One man stood up with his wife and he said, “Today we are celebrating 55 years of being happily married.” She quickly shoved her elbow into his side and said, “We have been married for 60 years.” He said, “I know, but we have only had 55 years of happiness.”

As I think about all of the relationships in my life I realize that none of them have been ALL good. Don’t get me wrong – I have people I deeply love that I enjoy a wonderful relationship with. But all of them have some rocky patches. There are days when things don’t go well and we do not get along. My life is rarely all good.

In fact, in many of my weddings I tell the couple that the difference between marriages that make it for life and those that don’t is not the number of problems they have. The difference between the two is there willingness to hold on through the difficult times.

The same is true in all your relationships. If you are experiencing a time of difficulty, then work hard to make it better. But also, hold on for the good times. Someday things will be good again.

One thought on “It’s Not All Good

  1. I whole heartily agree. I have a real problem with divorce. I know that there is a need in some cases. But I think that it is way to easy to give up and divorce instead of hanging in there. I myself have been a victim of divorce. I say victim not because I feel sorry for myself, but because it just seemed way too easy for my other half to say I just don’t want to be married to this person anymore without making an effort to really save our marriage. I do believe we would still be together today if we had hung in there. Very soon and I mean soon, after the divorce was final he married again. So he must still believe in marriage. I guess what I am trying to say if you value someone in your life don’t give up. The rocky times may last. And seem to go on forever, but they do end one way or another. It is better if they end with your partner rather than without.

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