One Month

One month ago today my family and I came into the city of Adrian to be the pastor of the Christian Church. It is hard to believe it has been a month already. This first month was full of hard work, ministry and fun. It saw some of the basics of ministry continue on for me. I still write sermons every week. I still attend various leadership meetings. I still visit with people and talk about the Lord and His Church. July 2014 did see numerous unique things for us:

1) Setting up a new home. This is the hard work part of our lives with lots of packing and unpacking. I must admit that I think unpacking is easier, but it still takes time and energy. We are basically finished with 90% of it. I am still working to set up my tool shed.

2. Trying to get my feet under me for ministry. For me this is the biggest project. I had to set up my office and get everything in place. I am trying to learn people’s names, how they are related to one another, and the basic overview of the congregation. I would like to get a weekly routine established but it will be hard until the kids are back in school.

3. Helping with Vacation Bible School. This was a new, fun and interesting project for my family. 150 kids under 8th grade – need I say more.

4. Establishing life in Missouri. We had to do everything from setting up a mailbox and bank account to getting utilities and groceries. The biggest projects now are getting a car, finding Michelle a job and personal insurance issues. (Please say a prayer)

5. Doing a complete assessment. Much of the first month is listening to people and watching the Church at work. I am always asking, “How could we improve what we are doing?” and “How can I help others on their journey with God?” A doctor needs to listen to the patient and possibly do tests before any procedures are done. It can be very similar in Church.

It has been a wonderful and challenging month. My boys have made new friends and are starting to plug into football. The family has enjoyed trips to the pool. We have been shopping and exploring the area. All and all the first month was good.

My biggest lesson is simply to continue trusting God. He has provided all we need and I know He will continue to do so. We have food, clothing and shelter and all of our basic needs are being met. I thank the Lord and the church here for all of the blessing of this one month.

One thought on “One Month

  1. I bet it has been a long journey, moving, unpacking and getting to work right away.
    I am glad you call it a good first month! and really hope there is more great ones to come : )

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