Serving Together

One week ago I was having a conversation with a lady in the Church about a ministry in which she had been involved. The conversation was basically about whether it was worth continuing to do this ministry or not. We both were going through all the pros and cons of this particular ministry when she said something that caught my attention. She said something like, “What I enjoy most about this ministry is the relationship I develop with the other people serving.”

Serving in ministry is about bringing the grace of God to other people for the glory of God. But the truth is this, there are benefits for us also. Those benefits include the joy of accomplishing something for God or the feeling we get when we see other people blessed. We all know there is more blessing in giving than receiving. But one of the biggest overlooked benefits is the connection we make to other people.

We have a couple of men in the Church who served oversees during the Vietnam war. What is interesting is how connected they are to people who served over there with them. The talk and write and meet together regularly. Many of them have very little in common except their similar experience in the service. The same is true for people who do ministry for Jesus. Having a common goal and a common enemy joins our hearts together as we serve side by side.

Plus there is the time factor. Spending 10 minutes talking at a fellowship lunch will help you to know a little about someone. Cooking a meal or cleaning up after children or building a new wing on a building for several hours will help you to really know someone.

Most often the people who are not connected to other people in the Church are those not serving. The solution is simple.

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