The Glory of God

Every week I have the exact same prayer about our Sunday morning meetings times. My prayer is simply that God’s name will be glorified. I usually end my prayers about our gathering by saying that whatever happens, “God, we will give you all the glory.”

I will be honest, sometimes I wonder if it happens. There are weeks that our program seems disjointed and I find it hard to worship. Some sermons feel like no one is listening and the stale air of boredom fills the auditorium during my teaching more than the breath of life. I go home and ask God for forgiveness for failing to bring Him the glory He deserves.

But some weeks. The Lord shows up in a way that is unmistakable to me. People’s lives are touched and moved by the Spirit of God. The songs sound glorious as they reach the deepest recesses of my soul. I am so glad I woke up and went to worship as I walk with a smile all day.

Yesterday morning as one of those times. The songs went well, even though there was a couple of new ones. They all lead up to Mike sharing a deeply personal communion thought about forgiveness, which was the closing thought of my sermon. The special song sung during the passing of the communion trays was “Here’s My Heart” and it was the perfect echo to Mike’s thought. The sermon flowed well and I had three people tell me that in my sermon I was “speaking directly to them.” Then during Sunday school we were talking about the day and I found out that the lesson in Children’s Church was not only from the same story but had the same point.

Here is what I find amazing about all of this. I planned my sermons out for the first six months here at Adrian the week I accepted the job. I have had this sermon planned for 2 months and long before I knew any of the people or their story. The music was picked out a week ago with limited knowledge of what I was preaching and no knowledge of what Mike would say at communion. The children’s material was purchased three weeks ago and the teachers had no idea what I was preaching, they were just following the material. Four random things came together in complete harmony and affected people deeply without extended planning.

I know that every week God is glorified but some weeks He weaves together a perfect tapestry of songs, thoughts and lessons beyond what any of us could have planned. To God be the glory.

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