Good Reading in the Blogosphere

I receive about 100 blogs a day through Feedly – an online blog reader that I now have on my phone too. There is a lot of good material being written out there. Here are my suggestions for the week.

1. “How to help your daughter believe she is beautiful” by Mark Merrill is over HERE

2. Mark also has a great post about “6 sentences your child needs to hear you say” over HERE

3. Justin Davis has another good blog about marriage called “More than words” over HERE

4. Justin Taylor’s article about Ferguson is worth some thought over HERE

5. A lady in the Church sent me a link to this good blog post about “jumping out of the boat” over HERE

6. John Acuff posted a great little picture and post about a Passive Aggressive note over HERE (it reminds me of a part of my sermon a couple of weeks ago)

2 thoughts on “Good Reading in the Blogosphere

  1. This may seem a little self serving. But as the blogs you read seem really helpful, weighty, and meaningful, I thought I’d point you to a sort of coffee break blog. Really, most of these posts are much shorter than a coffee break. Of course I’m talking about my own blog, .

    In rereading the above I realize it sounds like the comment spam I get on my blog. “Your article was really insightful! You really know how to tackle a difficult subject! Love, cheapfakeguccibags.luv.” I should hire one of them robots to send out my spam. Much more economical I hear.

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