My Prayer for My Children

I am finishing off this week of talking about children by sharing something very personal to me. I want to tell you about my prayer(s) for my children. I usually do not say much about how I pray, when I pray or what I pray about, but today I am breaking my own rules. I hope this does not seem prideful and I hope it does not embarrass my children.

Every morning at my office the first thing I do is pray. The prayer follows a standard format in my mind. The middle of the prayer focuses on my family. One part of my prayer is specifically for my children. Here is the heart of that section of prayer.

1. I pray for their safety. It is simple and straightforward. They are driving, in sports, walking the streets, and I fear for their safety in all areas.

2. I pray for God’s guidance and direction in their life. As my boys reach high school they are making more and more decisions that will affect their future. I pray that God will open doors and close doors to help direct them into the future. I want them to be all that they can be for God.

3. I pray they will grow in Christ and live out their faith everyday. It is one thing to know the right thing to do and it is another to thing to do it. I know this because I struggle with it everyday myself. I simply ask God to help them make good decisions that are Christ honoring. I ask God to help them understand the weight of making a poor decisions. I know that they will sometimes make mistakes, we all do, but I hope they will be honest about it and handle themselves and others with grace and love.

4. I pray that God will lead them to a Christian spouse. There is probably no greater influence in our lives of faith than our spouse. They could also be our biggest struggle. I hope and pray that my boys find a woman who has the same beliefs as they do. I had a preacher friend who has four girls. He told me he started praying for their spouse the day they found out his wife was pregnant and committed to doing it every single day of their lives. He inspired me to do the same for my boys.

5. I pray for any specific needs. There will always be very specific struggles for each one. Those struggles may be the move we made as a family, it may be a friend or girlfriend, it may be a physical pain or maybe it is just an emotional situation. Whatever the case I do not want my children to have to face it alone. I want to connect with them personally but I also want to support them spiritually.

I hope that you pray for your children. I believe there is nothing greater we can do to help their lives. I have been praying for years and I know I will not stop this side of heaven. I hope you do the say for your children, grandchildren and any child with whom you come in contact.

2 thoughts on “My Prayer for My Children

  1. I also pray for the girls’ spouses. My parents did it for us and I am so thankful. My dad actually has a prayer spreadsheet and includes specific prayers for each of us on specific days.

    I appreciate your blog.

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  2. Thanks, Matt, once again for sharing from the depth of your heart. I do pray for my adult children. I wish I would have had faith and understanding at an earlier age in my life, but since I didn’t I need to be more direct in my prayer as they are now adults with families of their own. I too have prayer for my grandchildren a faith, futures, and god protection for them but will become more intentional in my prayers for them after reading your blog.
    I could look back and “wish” I had Orr look forward and say “I will” because as you have said ” it’s easy to know the right thing to do but much harder to do it. ”

    God bless you!!!

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