Last week I started working on a new bulletin board here at the Church. It is located in our library and will have all of our missions information. This Church supports several ministries in this state and several in southeast Asia. While working on this project I have been enlightened about our missionaries and where they serve. I would encourage all of the people who attend Adrian Christian to stop by and look it over this weekend.

The whole time I have been working on this board I have been thinking about a sermon by Chuck Sackett. I did not hear this sermon preached but rather I ran across it in a book. In college I was traveling with a group of students called “The Lord’s Reepers.” This group was composed of students interested in missions who went from Church to Church speaking about the need for the local Church to get involved in missions work. I went along as the preacher many weeks. I was in my second year of college and it gave me the chance to speak on a regular basis. As a student who was not planning on going into the work of a missionary I was always searching for a good sermon on this topic. Then one day I ran across a book in the library entitled “My Favorite Missions Sermons.” One of them was by Chuck Sackett, a preacher I had heard speak at college, who I knew was a powerful preacher. The title of his sermon was “Delete the ‘S.'” His sermon has affected my views of missionary work ever since I read it.

His concept was that in Churches we talk about missions or overseas missions. In fact, I have written that very thing a couple of times in this article. He said we should take out our typewriters (remember those?) and delete the “s” on the end of the word missions. He then went on to argue that all of us are involved in the mission of God. Jesus gave us our mission in Matthew 28:18-20 to “go into all the world.” Some of us have taken that mission to our job in our local community and some people have taken it to the far reaches of the world. Ultimately there is not ministry in the local Church and then this separate other thing that happens overseas. We are all on the same mission but some do it locally and some do it overseas. This truth reminds me that I am missionary in my current setting and it challenges me to support the work across the globe of similar believers in their mission field.


2 thoughts on “Missions

  1. The name The Lord’s Reaper’s rings a bell with me but, for the life of me I can’t remember when they were at ACC and what they did.

  2. When I was in college – 20 years ago- The Lord’s Reepers traveled each weekend of school and spoke about missions. Personally I spoke about 20 times in 20 congregations over 2 years. I can’t remember where I went but most Churches with a reasonable drive of the college probably received a visit.

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