Blank Page

The theme for our DIVE children’s ministry this month is creativity and the image for the series is a blank slate. It made me think of this blog that I write. Everyday I sit down to write I am greeted with a blank area to fill in with the words on my mind. I am somewhat prepared for it each day as I keep a file with blog ideas. I now have roughly 38 ideas in my file bank that I can draw upon, but often I just go with what is in my head at the time.

The great part of the blank page is that sometimes we can create something powerful. I receive emails and comments and people are talking about a post weeks later. The difficult part of the blank page is that sometimes we create something way less than powerful. I am amazed to see how some of my posts get over 100 hits and others only 15. Honestly, I want them all to be powerful but that never seems to happen. So what do I do? I just keep writing to the best of ability. I try to fill the page with what God is lying on my heart or what I have noticed in scripture and in life. I continually ask God to fill my blank page with something of value.

That makes me think about life. Each day we are given 1440 blank minutes to use. Each year we are given 525949 minutes. In a 70 year lifetime we are given 36,816,430 minutes. All of them are blank and we can choose what we do with them. Most of us have the information to do do the right thing. We have the potential to do something great. So my continual encouragement to people is simple: Make that call, send that letter or email, say those words you need to say, offer up that prayer, read, linger long with other people, love, think, write and do whatever needs to be done today. Not every action will be received well and some things will simply be ignored. That’s okay. The people with the greatest impact in this world do not succeed in every action. Their success is found in the fact that they just keep acting. The result of a lifetime of trying to do good will be a life well lived and in the process there will be days no one will ever forget. May today be one of those days.

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